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Take the first step towards a truly sustainable future, Join our Wheat Straw Club and be part of the solution!
Beyond Plastic: Rethinking Fresh Produce Packaging

Beyond Plastic: Rethinking Fresh Produce Packaging

With growing awareness of environmental impacts and consumer demand for sustainable practices, growers and businesses are now recognising the urgent need to find alternatives to plastic packaging. Plastic, while convenient, has long-term ecological repercussions, from contributing to landfill waste to threatening marine life.

This is where we at COPAR are stepping in with innovative #australianmade wheat straw packaging solutions for the fresh produce sector.

Why COPAR's Smart Packaging?

🌾 Innovative #AustralianMade #WheatStrawPackaging:

At COPAR, we utilise wheat straw, an agricultural by-product, that is locally sourced from our #AustralianFarmers to create our compostable packaging.

Proudly Australian Made

Our commitment to sustainability starts right here at home. Our Wheat Straw Packaging is proudly made in Australia. We source our raw material, wheat straw, directly from #Australianfarmers, ensuring a product that is not only environmentally friendly but also supports our local agricultural community.

COPAR's Fresh Produce Packaging

Our compostable trays and punnets help reduce waste and support a circular economy. What's more, they excel at keeping your produce fresh from farm to table, preserving its quality and freshness.

🌱Compostable Design: COPAR's products are not just about protecting your produce; they are designed to decompose naturally, leaving no harmful microplastics behind. It's a step toward a circular economy, where waste is minimised, and resources are utilised efficiently.

🍃Preserving Freshness: We understand that the journey from farm to table is delicate, and our packaging ensures that the quality and vitality of your harvest remain intact.

🌱Innovative Design: We believe that sustainability should not come at the cost of compromised quality. COPARs solutions preserve the quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Stand Out with Custom Packaging

If you're looking for packaging that's specifically tailored to your produce, COPAR is here to help. We understand that each product has its unique requirements. Our custom packaging solutions is designed to fit the specific needs of your produce. Our #inhouse design team works closely with you to create packaging that not only protects and preserves your produce but also aligns with your brand identity.

Catering to Different Sectors: Fresh Produce and Beyond

Whether you're in the meat industry, hospitality and take-away, or the healthcare sector, our innovative solutions offer a versatile and truly sustainable packaging choice.

Proudly Australian-made, sourced, and owned – Our products not only preserves the quality of your fresh produce but also supports Australian farmers and industries.

With COPAR, you're choosing more than just packaging for your produce; you're supporting packaging that is good for your produce and great for our planet.

For packaging that aligns with your commitment to quality and sustainability, contact us at sales@copar.eco. Let's work together to create a sustainable future for the fresh produce industry.