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Take the first step towards a truly sustainable future, Join our Wheat Straw Club and be part of the solution!

Our R&D initiatives focus on three key areas

Sustainable Materials

We are constantly exploring and testing new sustainable materials that offer the same functionality and convenience as traditional packaging options but with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Compostability and Recycling

We are committed to designing packaging solutions that can be effectively composted or recycled, closing the loop on the product life cycle and reducing waste. Through rigorous testing and certification processes, we ensure that our packaging meets the necessary standards for compostability and recyclability.

Functional Design and Performance

Our R&D team pays meticulous attention to the functional design and performance of our packaging solutions. We understand the unique requirements of each industry, and our aim is to deliver packaging that not only meets the highest standards of sustainability but also provides practicality, convenience, and durability. We continually assess and refine our designs to ensure optimal functionality and performance throughout the supply chain.

Our Partners

University of Newcastle

Based 160km north of the Sydney, the Universtity of Newcastle and their Environmental Plastic Innovation Cluster (EPIC), led by Dr. Thava Palanisami, provides Nupal with world leading bio-plastics expertise, know-how and laboratory facilities to ensure our products meet the highest regulatory and environmental standards.

Innovation Club

Innovation Club was established by Campsie RSL in 2019, in an effort to diversify its revenue streams and provide for a more sustainable and independent future.

Born from a shared purpose: to make a difference and to create a better future for our community for generations to come.

Specifically, Innovation Club does this through investing in people and business, as well as working alongside those businesses to ensure the greatest possible outcome for them and the greater community.

Our Partners

Q-Rich Corporations

Led by Mr. Vishnu Ramasamy and based in Manchester, U.K, Q-Rich Creations is our gateway partner to European export markets and clients, new opportunities and the latest global trends and technologies in sustainable products and packaging.

Our Supporters & Clients