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Take the first step towards a truly sustainable future, Join our Wheat Straw Club and be part of the solution!

Wheat Straw Packaging

Choose truly sustainable, Australian-made packaging that supports local farmers. Our wheat straw was once waste or burnt, but we've given it a second life !

Your customers will love that you're doing your part to reduce waste.

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Why choose Wheat Straw Packaging ?

At COPAR, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create packaging solutions that make a positive impact on the environment.Our Wheat Straw Packaging is an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials.

Why choose COPAR ?

We take pride in our Australian heritage,sourcing wheat straw locally to support farmers and reduce carbon emissions. with superior performance and functionality, our packaging is designed to protect and present your products throughout the supply chain. You can trust COPAR for regulatory compliance, traceability, and a transparent supply chain.


Upgrade your packaging game

How COPAR's Packaging Can Help Your Business

Stand out from the crowd

Switching to eco-friendly shows customers you're committed to sustainability.

Attract new customers

Appeal to environmentally and socially conscious consumers who are looking for businesses that align with their values.

Save money on waste management

Composting our packaging reduces the amount of waste you generate, leading to lower waste management costs.

Australian Farmers – Our local heroes

Supporting Local Agriculture:

At COPAR, we take pride in our strong partnerships with Australian farmers. By sourcing wheat straw directly from local farms, we support and promote sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to the growth and success of our local farming communities.

 Building Sustainable Supply Chains:

Our collaboration with Australian farmers ensures a transparent and traceable supply chain. We work closely with farmers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring that our wheat straw packaging is sourced ethically and aligns with our sustainability goals.

 Empowering Farmers and Communities:

By choosing COPAR's wheat straw packaging, you not only contribute to the reduction of waste and carbon emissions but also empower Australian farmers. Your support helps them find value in wheat straw that was previously considered waste or burned, creating a circular economy and a brighter future for both farmers and the environment.