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Wheat Straw Packaging

Made the Australian Way

Australian Owned + Sourced + Manufactured

Sustainable Packaging, made the Australian way

Copar is Australian owned, sourced and made - making our supply chain local, efficient and fast to market, whilst stimulating the local economy.

Our manufacturing facility opens in Bathurst in 2023, and will use Australian sourced and made packaging products.

We also have a research and development partnership with the Global Innovative Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials at the University of Newcastle, which continues to drive packaging innovation and benefits to the wider industry.

We are working with our local and international partners to employ cutting edge technologies to produce truly circular sustainable packaging solutions from Australian farmers’ agro waste – an Australian first!

Once our facility opens in 2023, our products will be made from locally sourced wheat-straw that are compostable and biodegradable, allowing early access to our Australian Made products. We are dedicated to help our people and the planet by providing innovative sustainable packaging products.

Our Vision

Create a world where single use packaging never becomes waste or pollution.

We live in one of the most beautiful and biodiverse regions in the world. At COPAR, we believe it’s our responsibility to protect it, one sustainable package at a time.

Explore Our Process

Aussie Sourced

Raw materials sourced from Australian farmers 

Aussie Innovation

Our products are formulated in collaboration with leading technology and research partners at the University of Newcastle

Aussie Eco

Sustainable and compostable products are made

Product Benefits

Our products are moisture & oil resistant, sturdy, & elegant designs with a natural finish that doesn't cost our planet.

Cost-friendly alternative to paper-based packaging with a hassle free local supply chain.

Customisable products with less turnaround time.

Closed loop process turning products into nutrient rich compost, eliminating waste in landfills.

Free of fossil fuels & plastics, making them biodegradable & naturally compostable.

News & Media

Fibre-based packaging could replace single-use plastics

As the food and beverage industry continues to work towards new sustainability goals one of the biggest areas of focus has been around packaging.

Wheat straw proves to be viable packaging option

Fibre-based packaging, from hemp, to bamboo, and paper, have all found a place within the food and beverage industry because they provide a more environmentally friendly options to traditional packaging.

AUSPACK FILES: Dean, Fathima & Jackson from InnovationClub on compostible fibre-based packaging

Dean Lettfuss, Fathima Sameer & Jackson Sobb from Innovation Club talk to us about home compostible, Australian made fibre packaging.

RSL’s $25m green play to make it less reliant on pokies

A Sydney RSL club is building a factory in Bathurst where wheat offcuts will be turned into compostable packaging in a bid to diversify the club’s revenue streams and become less reliant on gaming.