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Take the first step towards a truly sustainable future, Join our Wheat Straw Club and be part of the solution!

Wheat Straw Punnet Tray


Made from Australian-sourced Wheat Straw, our products offer a renewable and compostable alternative to traditional packaging. With local production and a commitment to the circular economy, choosing our Wheat Straw Products ensures minimal environmental impact and supports local communities. Choose COPAR for Australian-made, sustainable packaging solutions that make a difference.

L*W*H – 182* 137 * 41 mm
Keep your fruits and vegetables organised and fresh with our Wheat Straw Punnet Tray. This versatile tray is designed to accommodate various types of produce, from crisp apples to vibrant bell peppers. Its sturdy construction and stackable design make it easy to store and transport large quantities of produce. The smooth surface and secure corners ensure that your delicate fruits and vegetables remain undamaged during handling and delivery. Choose our Punnet Tray to enhance the presentation and freshness of your produce.

All our wheat straw packaging products are currently undergoing the certification process and soon to be tested to Australian Standards for compostability – AS5810 and AS4736 and fully recyclable within accepted regions.