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Take the first step towards a truly sustainable future, Join our Wheat Straw Club and be part of the solution!
Why Switch to Wheat Straw Packaging for your Business?

Why Switch to Wheat Straw Packaging for your Business?

Wheat Straw Packaging is a truly sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. It is an innovative approach that harnesses the potential of wheat straw, an abundant agricultural byproduct typically discarded or burned, turning what was once waste into valuable sustainable packaging.

Turning Agricultural Byproducts into Valuable Solutions

At COPAR, we recognise the untapped potential of wheat straw, transforming it into packaging solutions that are not only eco-conscious but also robust and functional.

By repurposing this material, COPAR's Australian made wheat straw packaging significantly reduces waste and minimises environmental impact.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why wheat straw is at the core of our innovative packaging solutions:

Advantages of COPAR’s Wheat Straw Packaging:

  • No PFAS Added: Our Wheat Straw Packaging contains no PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), ensuring safety for both consumers and the environment.
  • From Freezer to Microwave: Our packaging can handle a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for everything from storing frozen meals to reheating them in the microwave.
  • Sturdy and Functional: Wheat straw packaging provides all the functionality and durability of traditional plastic packaging but with none of the environmental drawbacks. It is sturdy enough to handle various packaging needs, from food containers to healthcare needs, and composts upon disposal under the right conditions, ensuring it doesn’t contribute to landfill waste.
  • Compostable: Being compostable, it breaks down into non-toxic organic matter, enhancing soil health without leaving behind harmful residues.
  • Energy Efficiency: Wheat straw packaging requires less energy to produce compared to traditional plastics, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the production process.
  • Support for Local Economies: Utilising wheat straw helps support our local economies by providing farmers with an additional revenue stream and creating new manufacturing jobs locally.

COPAR – Leading the Way in Wheat Straw Innovation

At COPAR we understand that one-size-does not-fit-all. That's why we offer customisable wheat straw packaging solutions tailored to your specific product requirements. Fill out our form to get started on your custom packaging solution today and join us in making a meaningful impact.


Wheat straw packaging offers a significant step forward in sustainable business practices. It is an innovative solution that cares as much for the planet as it does for the products it holds.

Make a switch to smarter packaging solutions today

Contact COPAR today to learn how our wheat straw packaging can help your business achieve its sustainability goals while maintaining the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Reach us at sales@copar.eco

Interested in seeing our packaging? Get your free wheat straw sample box today https://copar.eco/pages/free-sample-box